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Initial Preboard & Payroll

Employee preboarding and payroll services are great for small or private organizations that don’t want to manage the books. We set up a contract with the employer, and we pay the employee directly.

Preboarding is when you do your own recruiting and make your own offers, then hand off the employee to us for the rest of the onboarding process (reference check, drug screening, employee background check, etc.). This can help free up time and energy from leaders in your company so that they can work on care instead of taking them off the floor and decreasing their engagement with caregivers.

Direct Hire

As your specialized recruiter, we source talent and bring you the final candidates to handpick from at a much faster rate than you’d have the time or resources to do alone. If you’re an employee, we take you in and help you find a job that suits your needs and wants.

That means that you don’t have to search through online job boards and apply to hundreds of positions to get one interview. We advocate for caregivers as well, letting organizations know that we have talent and seeing what they have open.


Temp-to-hire is more flexible than directly hiring someone, allowing you to continue operations without having to pause and onboard a new team member. It’s financially more flexible since it’s a short-term solution to a long-term problem, which is figuring out how to come out of the crisis we’re in.

While working with an agency might feel like an investment, it really is a reduction in your vacancy rate and helps you transition to the mindset of not budgeting for this. From an employee perspective, temp-to-hire means working with a trusted organization to recover from the last few years and have a say over shifts and where you want to be long term. It gives caregivers more control to reset priorities.

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